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Sculpsure is a recently FDA cleared device for non-invasive body sculpting which can permanently reduce stubborn fat pockets in just 25 minutes per treatment. In one single 25 minute session, the entire abdomen can be treated! To treat an entire abdomen with the Coolsculpting freezing method, it can take up to 4 hours. In addition to the abdomen, Sculpsure is also FDA cleared for use with the love handles (flanks), and off label it can be used in may other areas since the applicators are so flexible! This is a zero downtime procedure and it is completely non-invasive. You can do this procedure easily on a lunch break. We are lucky to be one of the first centers in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles California to offer this groundbreaking procedure. Please contact us for a free Sculpsure consultation.

Our competitive pricing for the Sculpsure procedure is $350 per treatment applicator. It typically takes 2 treatment pads to treat each love handle, and up to 4 to treat the entire abdomen (upper and lower). Up to 4 treatment pads can be performed in one 25 minute session! It takes 2 months to get your final results since your body needs to clear away the fat cells, and clinical studies showed a 24% improvement in just one treatment - on par with other non-invasive modalities such as Coolsculpting.

For those interested in achieving quicker results in addition to removing the fat pocket in its entirety, and are not opposed to a minimally invasive procedure under local anesthesia (and laughing gas :P), please read about our Aqualipo and SmartLipo combination procedure here. SculpSure and Aqualipo/SmartLipo are available in our convenient Beverly Hills, Los Angeles CA location.

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