Advanced Awake Lipo and Water Assisted Fat Grafting

Get a Younger and Slimmer Body in Los Angeles

Are you envisioning a more youthful, slimmer body that you’ll want to show off to the world? Whether you are interested in reversing the signs of aging or complementing your successful weight loss efforts, your plastic surgeon can help you achieve the results you want with a personalized and effective cosmetic surgery procedure. The Rome Institute for Plastic Surgery offers cutting-edge and minimally invasive plastic surgery procedures in Los Angeles to help you enjoy a slimmer, more youthful body at any age.

Ideal Candidacy for our Advanced Lipo Procedure

Power assited and water assisted lipo are new forms of liposuction that use water and vibrations to gently but effectively flush fat cells out of the body. By using these procedures to aid the liposuction process, we can get excellent results with fewer side effects, less overall trauma to the body’s other tissues, gentle handling of fat cells ideal for fat transfer/grafting procedures, and a shorter recovery time. This innovative technique is best for patients who:

  • Are relatively close to their ideal weight, but have stubborn pockets of fat anywhere on the body that has not responded to traditional weight loss techniques. Smart lipo is a body sculpting technique that will address small areas of fat, rather than serve as a weight loss procedure.
  • Are in good general health, which improves the safety of the procedure and help to minimize any swelling or bleeding associated with lipo.
  • Demonstrate good skin elasticity, meaning the skin will shrink accordingly to create a lithe, contoured body after any stubborn fat pockets are removed.
  • Want to use their own body fat as a natural filler to replace fat deposits lost in the face, breasts, or hands, which can cause sagging or hollow-looking features.

Complete Rejuvenation with Water Assisted Fat Grafting

By using your body’s own natural fat, harvested during an advanced awake liposuction procedure, fat grafting (fat transfer) can revitalize the appearance of your face, your hands, or your breasts. Thus, it’s a great opportunity to achieve a slimmer, more youthful figure by eliminating stubborn fat that may have accumulated. This procedure further combats the effects of aging by replenishing the natural fat reserves beneath your face, hands, and breasts that keep your skin youthful and firm. You can reach The Rome Institute for Plastic Surgery by calling (310) 975-7091 for more information about plastic surgery, water and power assisted liposuction, and fat transfer in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

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